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THK does provide the services of application for the Business license, Manufacturing license, and License Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) for business operations in Malaysia.

After a company incorporated and before it is legally starting the business operation in Malaysia, it is required to have specific business licenses authorized by the State Council. Business and signboard license is a startup license that needs to be applied from the local town council where the company’s physical office/ shop/ factory situated, and it is a must to obtain this license. This license is required to be renewed on yearly basis with a fee payable to the town council.

Manufacturing License is applicable for manufacturing companies under the Industrial Coordination Act, 1975. The company requires to have shareholder fund’s more than RM2.5 million or with full time paid employee of 75 or more to apply and obtain for the manufacturing license.

License Manufacturing Warehouse established under the provision of section 65/65A of the Customs Act 1967. LMW is granted to any person for warehousing and manufacturing approved products on the same premise for customs duty exemption of all raw materials and components used directly in the manufacturing process of approved produce from initial stage of manufacturing until the finished product is finally packed ready for export.

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