3 minutes video on how to register HRDF
3 minutes video on how to register HRDF

Instructional Video - How to Register with HRDF


Recently, the Government has expanded the scope of industries for employers who have more than 10 employees to register Human Resources Development Funds (HRDF).

The objective is to increase the training opportunities for all employees to up-skill themselves and be prepared for a future ready workforce against technology displacement.

The Government has also encouraged those employers who are not mandatory to register to submit the Form 1 as well.

We understood this is a challenge for some employers on how to do the registration.

To clear your doubt, please watch our video with one click.



Human Resources Development Fund Official Website https://www.hrdf.com.my/

P.U.(A) 84 Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Amendment of First Schedule) Order 2021


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Published : 1-Apr-2021

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