What is Attestation of Company Good Standing (ACGS)?
What is Attestation of Company Good Standing (ACGS)?

What is the meaning of good standing from SSM?

What is Attestation of Company Good Standing (ACGS)?

ACGS is a confirmation from SSM that a company has met the criteria that were set in the issuance of this ACGS.

The Content in ACGS

Ø  Company Name

Ø  Company Registration Number

Ø  Incorporation Date

Ø  Types of the Company (Public /Private)

Ø  Registered Address

Criteria of ACGS Product for a Company

1.         Incorporated for at least 18 months from the date of purchase ACFS;

2.         Lodged its latest annual return and audited financial statements or certificate relating to an Exempt Private Company;

3.         Existence and not in the process of being wound up or struck off or dissolved ;

4.         Not dormant according to the nature of business;

5.         Has a registered address;

6.         The company or its directors do not consist of any outstanding compound; and

7.         The company or its directors do not have any pending prosecution case.

Why is ACGS important?

a) Official

            – Confirmation issued by SSM and able to verified by digital scan QR code

b) Compliance

– The company’s statutory form and return are filed, up to date and well maintain or organised

c) Trustworthy

             – Meet the criteria set up by SSM with confirmation and certification

d) Reliable

            – consistently good in quality or performance and able to be trusted

How to generate a company ACGS?

ACGS can be generated upon request by the user if it passes the set criteria.

Will be available in SSM e-info if the Company meets all the requirements.

Where to purchase and the cost?

The user can purchase ACGS from SSM e-Info website [https://www.ssm-einfo.my/]

RM105 for each purchase.

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Published : 22-Aug-2022

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